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Best Workout From Home: Strength Training Family Exercise Simple Gym Equipment

SoloStrength delivers fast full body work outs and the best workout from home with family safe exercises for all levels of fitness training and workout programs. Body weight strength training, stretching, Pilates and bodyweight strength style workouts for women and men, kids youth sport training and more.


Fitness Exercise How To: Exercise 4

Fitness Programs Plus Presents “Fit Clips” exercise how to’s. Visit www.FitnessProgramsPlus.com for all your fitness needs. Printable programs, video clips, audio interviews, fitness calculators, nutritional guidance and much, much more!


EXERCISE CARDS by WorkoutLabs on Kickstarter — Fitness Simplified


The highest quality product of its kind, EXERCISE CARDS by WorkoutLabs is a simple way to stay fit on your terms. All you need is 20 minutes and your favorite place to exercise – your living room, the park or the gym – to get an intense workout that will help you get and stay in shape.

Available in Men’s and Women’s versions, the deck contains 54 beautifully-designed plastic cards that add up to a comprehensive training suite:

• 40 bodyweight exercises
• 9 stretches
• 5 workout routines

In your bag, purse or pocket, you can take your EXERCISE CARDS deck everywhere life takes you – business trips, vacation or just a trip to the park.

Clear and accurate illustrations
Each exercise card is professionally illustrated to show correct form and movement so you don’t have to remember the exercises. Need more guidance? Targeted muscles and written instructions are on the back.

Workout plans included
If you are just getting started or want guidance, included are 5 easy-to-follow workout routines adaptable to all fitness levels

Limitless routine combinations
Never get bored! Shuffle the deck and build new workouts with your favorite exercises.

Cards as tough as you are
Made of high quality plastic, the EXERCISE CARDS keep their shape, don’t tear and you can wash them if soiled – so your deck will stay in top shape…like you!


Fitness Body Transformation | Simple Guide from Fat to Fit


Workout & Kitchen Tools We Use:

Body Transformation Motivation –

This is what worked for me. Will it work for you? Chances are yes but we’re all slightly different so don’t expect the exact same results. But also remember to be honest with yourself. Don’t skip two or three things on this list and then complain you can’t seem to see results. It’s going to take doing all these things to find success.

Number one – find a TDEE calculator online using Google search.

Number two – pick a goal.

Number three – find your macros.

Number four – Find a calorie and macro tracking app.

Ok, number five – STAY CONSISTENT.

Let me repeat that: STAY CONSISTENT.

Number six – Find a good workout routine.

Number seven – take progress pictures.

Ok, that wraps up the guide. Is it simple? Definitely. Did I cover everything? Absolutely not. I could easily make a two hour video on calories alone but I wanted a very simple guide which wasn’t overwhelming. Why? Because the goal is getting you onto the road to transforming yourself, not holding your hand the entire way. Will it be tough? Yes. Will you probably want to give up a time or two. Yes. But remember: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Ask yourself how bad you really want this. Do you want to transform yourself or do you just want to tell yourself you’ll transform yourself someday. Hell no. Get up, start kicking ass and make it a reality. If I did it, I sure as hell know you can too. The Buff Dudes believe in you.

BIG, HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to these PATREON BUFF DUDES and GRRRLS who helped to make this video possible!!

Michael Weber
Rachel DaSilva
James Bissonette
Logan Vibbert
Neesh Shah
Chin Long Chan

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XRSlide | Slide 300 Circuit | Fitness Exercise Gliding Sliding Equipment

Here it is…a 300 Circuit for XR Slide! Warning: This program is an intense grinder!
50 x Sliding Speed Lunges
25 x Slide Burpees
50 x Slide Front Stroke
50 x Slide Hammie Curls
50 x Mountain Climbers
50 x Slide Ab Wheels
25 x Slide Burpees