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5-Minute Six Pack Abs Kettlebell Workout

Burn Fat With Fasting:

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What is going on, guys? It’s your lead nutritionist and trainer on SixPackAbs.com – Thomas DeLauer – here today with a workout everyone’s been asking for:

3 Ways To Train Your Abs With Kettlebells.

Yep, you can get a whole lot done with your workouts and training by incorporating the use of kettlebells, so today I’m gonna break a few exercises down for sculpting and defining your six pack abs.

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Let’s get to the workout:

Exercise #1 – 0:50 – Straight Leg Kettlebell Crunches: 8-10 Reps

Grab a light-weighted kettlebell and lay flat with your feet wider than a shoulder’s length apart, holding the kettlebell upside down with the handle away from your face. While keeping your feet and legs flat and without moving them, crunch up to a sit-up level – do not go all the way up – then return flat to the start position to repeat.

Exercise #1 Continued – 2:05 – Straight Leg Crunches Without Weight: 8-10 Reps

Follow up the same exercise without the kettlebell at a faster rate, then go into the next movement.

Exercise #2 – 2:28 – Suitcase Carry + Overhead Extensions: 30-45 Seconds Per Side

Get 2 of the same, light-weight kettlebells and grab them by the handles. In one hand, you will leave the kettlebell down at your side, while with the other, extended up towards the ceiling over your head. Then, proceed to walk for 30-45 seconds forward, tightening and engaging your core the whole time to keep weights both up and down simultaneously. Then, switch sides.

Exercise #3 – 3:56 – Tom’s Russian Twists: 8-10 Reps Per Side

Get into a Russian Twist position on the ground – sit-up position with your feet and butt on the ground. Start with a light-weight kettlebell to one side of you, then start by performing a Russian Twist to the side with the weight, grabbing it and carrying it over. Once the weight is carried over to your other side, leave it, perform another twist to the side without the weight, then twist back to the side with the weight to grab and carry over again.

There you have it, guys – 3 quick and simple exercises to start using to build your six pack abs with the help of some kettlebells. If you start incorporating these moves into your workouts, accompanied by the right nutritional protocol like intermittent fasting, you’ll be shaping all six of your abs while burning fat to show them off.

I go over all of that and more when it comes to getting in the best shape that you deserve to be in my video I just posted at

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Train Smart,

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Short Hair Tutorial: Workout/Gym/Exercise Friendly Hairstyle

OPEN ME… I can’t get my music to play!!! 🙁

This is a “fly by night” hairstyle that I find very workout friendly.

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Thanks for watching!!!

xoxo… ThePecanTannedBeauty


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Watch this video for a tip on how to successfully manage your type 1 diabetes, lose weight and get exceptional blood sugar control. For more great tips on how to drop weight, get fit, stay lean, and successfully manage type 1 diabetes, blood sugars and A1c levels, visit me at


15 minute Exercise with your Toddler

TONE up with your TODDLER!
This video shows you a simple exercise routine, you can do at home, while using your toddler as a resistance.
Workout, lose weight and have fun!

With Megan Taylor, Personal Trainer,

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