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Home Bicep and Triceps Workout

1 tip you must follow to build huge arms:

Hey y’all,

It’s Mike Chang and you better have your tickets ready for today’s gun show workout.
This workout is going to show you how to blow up your arms and have you ripping shirt sleeves in no time. And with these huge arms, your going to have that powerful look women simply can’t resist.

Workout routine:

**These exercises are done in super-set form for 4 sets of 10s
**Use a weight that will only allow you to do 10 reps
**Dips needs to be done till failure


Barbell or dumbbell bicep curls super-set with skull crushers:
Close grip barbell curls super-set with dips

This workout might look simple but I promise you it works,

And if you’re serious about building huge arms, then check out this video now:

In that video I’ll show you the most common mistakes normal guys make that prevent them from gaining muscle. And I show you what you can do instead to build the ripped, muscular body women love.

If building muscle is important to you, you NEED to see this:

Train hard,


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Workout For Older Men: The A-40 Core Set

Train Like A Man Over 40 Should:

Hey guys I want to show you all one of my all time favorite core-chiseling exercise techniques that I like to call the “A-40”.

An “A-40” consists of 4 ab-targeted moves that are performed back to back with no rest breaks. Each move within the “A-40” will be performed at 10 reps each – Making each “A-40” set a 40 rep six pack accelerator.

So if you are like me, you are probably thinking, well heck – how is this ab workout any different from the other thousands of ab workouts on YouTube? Well – here’s how:

Time efficiency. Older guys like you don’t have time for regular ab workouts, this tremendously shortens the time. You hit all areas of your abs in one single set.

Help yourself get the abs you’ve always wanted faster than you thought possible:

A-40’s are challenging but yet do not yield a high risk of injury. If you do regular ab workouts such as crunches and sit-ups, they firstly aren’t truly all that effective and they also place a great deal of stress on your spine, neck and lower back.

And finally: Simplicity. One single A-40 set is a complete ab workout, targeting all corners of your midsection. It’s the all in one – In addition, The A-40 requires no equipment, and can be done in the comforts of your own home!

Now, doing 40 consecutive reps seems intense, and believe me, it sure is – but as I mentioned before, each of the 4 exercises are structured to focus on all areas of the midsection – Your rectus, obliques, lower abs and even the deepest abdominal layer, the transversus.

The best part about the “A-40” is that it is designed specifically to spare your neck, low back and spine – which are the most common problem areas for men who striving to get ripped six pack abs, ESPECIALLY for guys who are ages 40 and up.

So let me show you what the A-40 looks like right now:

Workout Breakdown:

3:30 – 10 flutter kicks

3:50 – 10 toe reaches

4:16 – 10 pull-ins

4:35 – 10 reverse crunches

Men over 40 need to do this one thing different for the body they deserve:

Whew, now to complete the workout, hit this cycle 3 times total – and for even more of a core burn, try to complete the cycle 5 times!

So what are you guys waiting for? Train to get in the best shape yet:

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COMPLETELY Changing My Diet

Today Keren completely changes her diet thanks to Truc, Khoa’s cousin. They go shopping and cook. We go to Sutton’s 2 month checkup and he is a bit chunky according to the growth chart but that is okay. Khoa loves it. He loves it so much he cried because he wishes he was that chunky. Jackson and Landon have a crazy afternoon playing in the open living room. Keren announces something at the end. Enjoy!

Funny skit:

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