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How I Fit Exercise Into My Busy Schedule | HOME WORKOUT SarahFit

As Work From Home Mom who runs her own business, fitting exercise into my body schedule is a must but hard. Here are my tips.

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Hi, I’m Sarah, a new mom, personal trainer and health nut! I upload new videos every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe 🙂

As a mom, it’s challenging to fit exercise into my busy schedule but I make it a priority and I find a way. This video in partnership with Muuna cottage cheese shares how I fit a workout into a busy day. The work life balance struggle is real especially when you want to learn how to lose weight and fitness is hard to fit in!

Do each move for 1 minute, take a break and repeat 2 to 4 total rounds depending on how much time you have!

This routine is safe for mom to do post partum as well as beginners!


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Pilates Workout Exercise: Side Leg Lift Series #1 on Bosu (Pilates on …

Enjoy a full video library of Pilates exercises at The Side Leg Lift Series is an original Pilates exercise that targets the muscles of the inner and outer thighs. Performing this exercise on the Bosu challenges core stability and balance to increase core strength and tone the muscles of the torso. You’ll experience flatter abs and more shapely legs in no time!

Pilates Benefits:
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Heel Stretch Exercise with Strap

http:www.Centerworks.com Here is a quick and easy foot fitness exercise to stretch your feet, help reduce heel pain, and improve the flexibility of your ankles and calves.

Use this Heel Stretch Exercise with a Strap before and after your workouts to help improve the strength, mobility, and flexibility of your feet. If you have heel pain, stiff or tight ankles, pronate, or are prone to ankle sprains and strains, this simple foot care exercise will be a great addition to your training program.

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